Membership Benefits


Listed below are benefits that DSMRA provide to its members on a voluntary basis.
They are not all the benefits we provide, local areas also provide benefits to local

  • The DSMRA has a Duty of Care to get everyone home safely, we wont leave you behind.
  • Volunteers like lead, sweep riders and support vehicle drivers have club insurance
  • Ride with safety in an organised trail ride and ride with people you probably wouldn’t
    normally meet.
  • All our rides have UHF radios, Personal Locator Beacons, (PLB’s), and first aid kits.
  • Social, mix with like minded people, share stories and experiences.
  • Benefit and learn from guys more experienced than yourself.
  • Share tracks & GPX files.
  • Take challenges, that you probably wouldn't do by yourself in the safety of others.
  • Many of our rides are supported with backup vehicles, first aid kits, trailers and food.
  • All the branches have UHF radios, Satellite phones and much more. Just by asking
    you can loan this from your branch when needed.
  • Discounts are normally available at stores that support DSMRA
  • Lead and sweep riders, make sure you don't get lost when you go out riding.
  • Ride with other DSMRA regions, just sign on up when you search for a ride.
  • The benefit of the membership part of the web site with plenty of hints and tips.