What do your membership fees cover?

What are they for?

Membership fees cover the cost of running the club and any of its ongoing costs that are incurred, some of the recurring costs are listed below:

Insurances on a ride

There are numerous types. DSMRA provides Indemnity insurance for DSMRA members who are active in conducting a DSMRA event, it covers lead and sweep and other active volunteers who are running the particular event. It does not indemnify a member or anyone who is just participating as a rider on a ride.

The cost of memberships is very cheap in comparison to other clubs, ie other motorcycle clubs charge a much greater yearly fee, insist om MA licenses (at least $150) plus have additional ride fees of $20-$30 per rider every time you go riding.

Social Riding

We provide with a like minded group of motorcycle riders with dirt bikes, a social atmosphere with volunteer lead and sweep riders. We help you get back to the car when when your bike dies , ensure you get looked after and don't leave you behind to your own devices.

Printing Postage & Stationery

Yep, that too.


Such as DSMRA riding shirts which are currently available on the web, they are priced at just above cost price. The extra goes back into the club or local area in the case of a bulk purchase

Website Costs

ISP services, internet connectivity, domain registration

Memberships Costs

Cards, membership processing, Card Printer Ink Ribbons

Accounting Costs

Accounting fees and ABN costs. Although the DSMRA is a non profit organisation it is still considered a business in the eyes of the government


Advertising in Trail Zone and other mags from time to time. There is a DSMRA add in every issue of Trail Zone. Plus there are editorials and articles about local DSMRA rides. This is done to advertise what we do to the riding community, and generate interest and also to increase membership numbers

Local Area Costs

The National re-reimburses local costs that have been approved by the National.
We supply equipment to local areas on a case by case base via the funding forms available on the website
Provide two way radios, epirbs and first aid equipment to new start up areas.
Partially reimbursed members for first aid courses etc.