This year the DSMRA AGM will be held in QLD. The exact location of the meetnig is to be decided, but the weekend ride will be based in Atherton, West of Cairns.

  • Dates:  Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October.
  • Accommodation options:  Local pubs, motels, caravan parks within 5km of the start point.  Possibly also camping at the start point but this is not yet confirmed.
  • Local facilities:  Atherton is a good size local town.  Shops, doctors, pubs, McDonalds.  It’s all there.
  • Ride details:  Two days of trail riding in the Atherton / Herberton / Ravenshoe area.  Open trails through to single track.  If the interest is there we’ll also organise some adventure options, either guided or by GPS download.


The 2017 AGM extensively discussed important topics such as our membership woes, website challenges, the Draft Constitution, and social media. The Minutes are available here: 2017 AGM Minutes


The 2018 AGM Agenda is being developed contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries.


Trail Closures


A member reported spotting the following sign in the Jelllore state forest on 11 May. The sign states, “unauthorised access to this trail is prohibited to all vehicles – including motorcycles”.

The member was concerned that the sign related to the recently released NSW Koala Strategy ( ) and if it meant changes that would restrict access to registered and licensed trail bike riders from accessing the Belangelo, Jellore and Meryla state forests located in NSW southern Highlands.

We can report that the sign is unrelated to the Koala Strategy. Tim Clarke (National President) has had a chat to the ranger, reporting that they’re not Koala signs. The signs have been placed at Jellore SF over single track in response to land owners complaints about noisy bikes. It is illegal to ride single track in state forests or crown land. The only time it is legal to ride single track is when we have a permit, like Kowen Forest Ride, Sunny Corner TBR & Watagan TBR. Some areas like Belanglo & the Watagan SF appear to tolerate single track riding, it’s still illegal.

The NSW Koala Strategy

The strategy was announced via a press release on the 7th of May 2018 ( ), this is the first that the club had heard of this. The strategy documents are unclear about how the three nominated State Forests/Koala Reserves will be managed in the Southern Highlands (the three forests being Belanglo, Jellore & Meryla) or anywhere else in the state for that matter. At this stage there appears to be no changes to the way the state forests are being managed and we are endeavouring to find out more!

This has been a wake-up call, the club is here to lobby for its members rights to legally access areas for trail riding. We have a good reputation and because of that, have been able to access areas many others cannot.

But, we can’t address issues that we don’t know about!

You are “the eyes and ears” of the club, if you see or hear about closures or other access issues, let your local branch know, they with the support of the national can lobby on your behalf.

Cheers - National Secretary

2018 Tony Kirby Memorial Ride


Once again Tony Kirby's contribution to the formation of the DSMRA, and adventure and trail riding in general, will be celebrated with an adventure ride. This ride is not an official DSMRA ride and as such, is available to members and non members alike. There is limited organisation and participants need to be fully self sufficient and competent riding in outback terrain if joining either of Mildura/Silverton legs. Participants will take sole responsibility for their situation.

The destination this year is Silverton NSW. We will meet at the Silverton Hotel on Saturday 18th August 2018 for a feed, catch up and to once again celebrate the life of Tony Kirby, aka TK, and his contribution to our life style.

There is limited accommodation available at the pub, its suggested that anybody wanting accommodation there get in quick. There is also camping at the Silverton Camp Ground;!3m2!1i1320!2i831!4f13.1

For anybody wanting to ride via Mildura, we will be meeting at the Gol Gol Hotel Friday 17th for Bullshit and Beers session. Ian Whitfield, a well known local Identity, will then lead a ride to Silverton leaving Gol Gol at 0700 am on Saturday 18th, or find your own way. 

Fuel range Saturday needs to be at least 250 kms and we will take in some of the much talked about Darling river, via Pooncarrie, Bindarra, Menindee, Broken Hill and end up at Silverton.

We will be departing Silverton on Sunday to head back to Mildura/Gol Gol via Scotia Sanctuary and Lake Victoria, with fuel range for this day TBC.

Gol Gol has a motel, and camping is also available at Rusty's and Whitty’s.

Whitty knows the area like the proverbial back of his hand, and has made arrangements to access a fair amount of private property to join the dots especially for us. He also reckons no heavy sand.

A few adhoc rides to and from are also likely to happen, almost certainly from the ACT and Hunter Valley areas.

Its up to you to make your own arrangements, but be good to know if you plan to be there all the same. If you'd like to be appended to the email distribution list for updates, or just tell us you're coming; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A bit about TK is here;

A few threads on ADVR refer to past rides;[node]=32

A dedicated 2018 thread is here;



This year the DSMRA AGM was held in Murrayville Victoria!

About 30 members from across Australia (ACT, NSW, QLD, SA & VIC) converged on Murrayville for a big weekend of sand-riding and, ride tales, comradery, and shenanigans. Most arrived on Thursday/Friday with a few hardcore sand-lovers staying on for a few days either side. The adventure-riders took a scenic route, spending roughly a week either side getting to the AGM and back home.

Check out the photo album on the DSMRA National Facebook Page


This year the AGM voted in a number of new and familiar faces to the DSMRA National Committee:

  • President: Tim Clarke (NSW)
  • Vice President: Steve Donkers (NSW)
  • Secretary: Andrew Stacey (ACT)
  • Treasurer: Peter Wenderoth (ACT)
  • Ordinary Member 1: Ian Hookway (SA)
  • Ordinary Member 2: Wayne Smith (QLD)
  • Ordinary Member 3: Mark Zorzi (ACT)

The National Committee would like to thank the following outgoing members for all their hard work over the past 12 months: 

  • Adrian Whittaker (outgoing President)
  • Shaun Lonergan (outgoing Secretary)
  • David Bush (outgoing Ordinary Member)

The AGM extensively discussed important topics such as our membership woes, website challenges, the Draft Constitution, and social media. 

Available here: 2017 AGM Minutes


Tony Kirby Annual Memorial Rides

group tk logo nb


In 2011 a few Tony Kirby's friends and followers celebrated his life with a ride to one of his favourite places, South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, where a rock cairn was constructed and his ashes spread. This became the inaugural TK Memorial Ride.

Other rides have followed each year since:

  • 2011 – Flinders Ranges SA
  • 2012 – Walcha NSW
  • 2013 – Kenilworth Qld
  • 2014 – Bridge to Bridge – Sydney Harbour Bridge to Brisbane’s Story Bridge
  • 2015 - Cooma NSW
  • 2016 - Flinders Ranges SA

2017 Memorial Ride

The 2017 ride will be to and about Emmaville NSW on the weekend of 21/22 October. We’ll congregate at Emmaville’s Club Hotel;  Saturday night to commemorate TK’s contribution to our adventure riding lifestyle.

We have a block booking at the Club Hotel for those wishing to stay there. Please go online and make your own arrangements, making sure you mention you are a TK Ride participant. About 3-4 weeks prior, the Pub will take a booking from anyone, so make your plans early if wishing to stay at the Pub. Camping is also available nearby for those that prefer to do it harder.

There’ll be an ‘unorganised’ day ride out of Emmaville on Saturday for those who arrive in time. Getting  to Emmaville and return is up to the individual, however there will be a ride out of southern NSW leaving the previous weekend that riders could join in as they wished, and likewise for a return. There may also be rides loosely arranged from southern Queensland and south west NSW, to be confirmed.

To get on the mailing list and be kept up to date, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DSMRA Acquires Radio Licence

The DSMRA is proud to note that we have now acquired a specific radio licence - so our riders can use their own unique frequency on the UHF Frequency. The DSMRA recommends the usage of the Icom 41W handheld radio with microphone or the new version the Icom 41 Pro. Both of these can be programmed for these channels.

The details can be found below.

Link to the frequency


Read more: DSMRA Acquires Radio Licence