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Tony Kirby Annual Memorial Rides

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About Tony Kirby

Tony Kirby, or 'TK' as he was known, was the definitive adventure rider before the term became popular. With a career in publishing and motorcycle journalism, he had the ability to entertain, inform, and above all inspire us to go riding and explore. He did this by riding across and around Australia every which way himself and then reporting on his adventures.

Among his achievements he created the great SideTrack Magazine in 1995, and during that period of his life, was instrumental in the establishment of the DSMRA, or the Dual Sport Motorcycle Association.

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DSMRA Acquires Radio Licence

The DSMRA is proud to note that we have now acquired a specific radio licence - so our riders can use their own unique frequency on the UHF Frequency. The DSMRA recommends the usage of the Icom 41W handheld radio with microphone or the new version the Icom 41 Pro. Both of these can be programmed for these channels.

The details can be found below.

Link to the frequency


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Looking for Expressions of Interest From Riders

EOI 1 - MOTOGP in October 2017

In what seems to be a growing annual pilgrimage – the Canberra branch is now taking an expression of interest for 2017 for those interested in riding to and enjoying the MotoGP.

The plan is to Depart on Wednesday (18 October 2017) stay at the pub at Bairnsdale then stay on Phillip Island for a return ride on Monday (waiting for the crowd and not feeling rushed on the Sunday is much worthwhile). As a number of members work as track marshalls/ volunteers etc they have a few passes (not enough) which can reduce entry costs.

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