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The DSMRA only has one paid position - but it is a key position, for the club which is that of the Administration Officer.

In this role, you have a special opportunity to contribute to the operations and ongoing success of the DSMRA at a national level. The Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association is a nationwide network of licensed riders who enjoy exploring the bush trails and desert tracks of the great Australian outdoors. As the name “Dual Sport” implies, the club caters for enduro and adventure motorcycles on all terrains. From sealed roads to the toughest bush tracks, we ride responsibly, legally and respectfully. The DSMRA operates in a ‘not for profit’ manner with any money raised funding member services and DSMRA costs.

The role has peaks and troughs in activity around major events; the Kowen Forest Ride (ACT) in April, and an Annual General Meeting (various locations) usually held in October.

The Administrative Officer reports to the DSMRA National Treasurer and supports all DSMRA Office Holders (National Committee) by undertaking the administrative tasks associated with running a shared-interest or hobby association/club. This entails promoting the DSMRA, supporting the club and its members, membership tasks, preparing reports, maintaining records and other relevant duties.


The ideal candidate:

Most importantly, the ideal candidate will have initiative, motivation, attention to detail and time to invest in diligent and efficient administration. The tasks and time commitment is ideally suited to a retired person, part time worker or stay-at-home parent.


This job does not require people to be in a specific location as it is all phone and internet based. Some initial training may be required in Canberra (costs covered).

Essential attributes:

  • Computer literacy skills including email/mail merge/spreadsheets/website and social media content management.
  • Own computer/printer and internet connection.

Highly desirable attributes:

  • A keen interest or passion for offroad motorcycling.
  • An understanding of the offroad motorcycle industry or ability to build industry networks.
  • Skills or experience with G-Suite business tools and/or the Joomla content management system (or any webpage development skills).

The Offer:

  • $250 p/w ($13,000 pa).
  • Up to $100 per month reimbursement for IT equipment/subscriptions as mutually agreed.
  • Phone to be used for DSMRA purposes.
  • Stationary/consumables costs as agreed.

Role Description Summary:

General Administration

  • Correspond with National Committee and DSMRA members.
  • Keep records using established methods.
  • Assist where needed to organise and undertake major events.
  • Make recommendations to National for any improvements to DSMRA operations.

Maintain Membership

  • Manage/maintain online DSMRA Membership database.
  • Provide monthly lists of members.
  • Issue membership cards/stickers, and provide membership expiry/reminder notices.

Provide Reports

  • Provide monthly report to committee members and others as directed – e.g. membership statistics and trends.


  • Answer all club general enquiries in a timely fashion and make referrals by email where appropriate. (Phone and phone-number supplied as part of the offer).
  • Monitor major national press, offroad motorcycling publications and online forums for matters concerning the DSMRA and opportunities to promote DSMRA interests.
  • Provide updates to National Committee and branches for related news.
  • Monitor press and government for any forums or discussions DSMRA should participate in.
  • Promote communication with branches by sharing information and maintaining regular contact.

Marketing and Advertising

  • Maintain sufficient supplies of DSMRA promotional/marketing material, stickers, brochures, business cards, banners etc.

DSMRA Website

  • Monitor forum for inappropriate comments/misuse.
  • Manage content and multimedia in consultation with DSMRA webmaster(s).
  • Ensure the completeness and accuracy of information on the website (and update as necessary).
  • Recommend improvements.
  • Assist all members with using the website.


The role is offered on a fee-for-service/contract basis for satisfactorily undertaking the duties outlined in the Role Description Summary. This opportunity is offered for an initial period of 12 months with an option to extend with National Committee approval.

As the successful candidate will not be employed by the DSMRA, the DSMRA will not withhold tax or pay superannuation on behalf on the candidate. The candidate is expected to:

  • Understand and manage their own taxation/superannuation obligations.
  • Fulfil the requirements of the role on their own premises.

All DSMRA representatives must act in accordance with the DSMRA constitution and Values of DSMRA Officials:

  • Act with reasonable care and diligence. You must exercise your powers and duties with the care and diligence that a reasonable person would if they were in your place.
  • Act in good faith in the best interests of the DSMRA and for a proper purpose. When acting as Administration Officer you must make decisions that are in the best interest of the DSMRA and to further its purpose.
  • Do not improperly use information or position. Any special knowledge that you gain must only be used for the benefit of the DSMRA and never to further personal or other interests. Similarly, you must not use your position to improperly gain an advantage for yourself or someone else, or cause detriment to the DSMRA.
  • Disclose conflicts of interest. If your duty to act in the best interests of the DSMRA is in conflict with (or may conflict with) your personal interests you must disclose this responsibly.
  • Ensure that financial affairs are managed responsibly. Ensure that there are systems and processes in place that ensure that DSMRA resources are being effectively put towards its purpose and are protected from misuse.

How to Apply:

Please forward a written application (1 page maximum) and current resume to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 30 June 2017

Candidates will be evaluated on how well they satisfy the essential and highly desirable attributes – with probably a skype interview.

Further Information:

For any further information, questions can be directed to Shaun Lonergan: 0412266676