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single most important thing when dirt bike riding is to wear the right gear. Click on any of the labels below to learn more about that piece of equipment

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  • Helmet

    Choosing Your Helmet Helmets in Australia have to be Australian Standards certified and will have a sticker on the rear of the shell saying which standard they conform to. Features All helmets have different features such as venting, weight appearance and price. You should spend the most you can afford on your helmet, it's going to look after your head. Weight is also very importane especially if you're going to be wearing the helmet for long periods of time. Types of Helmets There are all kinds of helmets carbon fiber/kevlar, fibreglass shells, composite fibre shells and polycarbonate. Different brand helmets have different size areas for goggles, so rule of thumb here is to get your helmet first before you buy your goggles. Make Sure it fits Everyones head is a different shape so its important to first find a helmet that suits you and then find one that looks good. Your new dirt bike helmet should fit uniformly on your head and not as tight as you can comfortably waer it, bearing in mind that the liner will compact after a while and the helmet won't feel so tight. So if it feels just a little too tight initially it will probably end up just right. Push the helmet back and forward on your head, it should not move forward or backwards when you are pushing it. If it does then its too loose. CAUTION Never buy a secondhand helmet and always be wary of what you are buying if you buy it online noting that any savings can be lost if you have to return your purchase.
  • Googles

    Choosing a pair of goggles Goggles are there to protect your eyes and keep your vision clear, they there to keep dirt rocks and other rubbish from getting wedged into where they shouldn't be. Features Googles can have different features, anti fog, double lens, tinting and can even have holgraphic images on them. Just remember its how well you can see through them that counts. Try them on, take them for a test look Take your helmet with you when you try some dirt bike goggles. Put your helmet on and then the goggles, make sure that you can see well through them and also make sure there is minimal or no impact on your peripheral vision. Googles may steam up when you are standing around trying them on inside a shop, this is normal. How do they fit A good pair of motocross goggles should fit nicely against your face and the frame of the goggles should also comfortably fit inside the helmet. The foam should be thick enough to touch and seal against your face and feel comfortable. Some goggle have a layer of soft foam that acts to draw sweat away when you are hot instead of it condensing on the lens. Long lasting Todays goggles are generally long lasting, make sure you get a pair that has a removeable lens. This allows you to replace the lense as it get scratched. Price/Quality Generally the more you pay the better the goggle you get. Don't go overboard though, you don't want to pay too much. Its always good to wait for your local shop to have a sale, you can usually get what you want at a better price. Fogging All goggles fog, especially when it rains or is cold and you are all hot and warmed up. The best lenses to combat that this are the dual lense with or without thermo flow. These lenses cost a bit more but are really worth while.
  • Armour

    Body Armour Armour offers protection from falls as well as protection from roost and rocks thrown up by the bikes in front of you. All though not an essential requirement its highly recommended. Types of Body Armour The cheaper armour is worn outside of your jersey and generally comes with plastic breast plate, back plate and elbow guards held together by stretch elastic straps. More expensive armour comes in the pressure suit style and generally comes with all the above plus shoulder pads, a backbone extension and a kidney belt attached. Make Sure it fits It should fit nicely, not too loose as it won't stay in place when you fall off and not too tight so as to restrict your movement when riding. CAUTION You can save money by buying secondhand body armour, just make sure that any straps and buckles are in good condition and are not worn and broken.