Raising The Profile

How To; Raise the DSMRA´s profile locally and increase membership :


Here are some things that can be done at local level to raise the club profile and increase memberships. As a club it is important that we grow the membership base and that with an increased membership base we can address future issues more appropriately. Also as time passes old members will drop off and new members will join so its really all about maintaining or increasing the status quo.

  1. Compile list of members who have let their membership lapse over the last 2 years. A suitable letter of enquiry asking if they are interested in rejoining and perhaps if there is a reason for letting membership lapse. Letter would need to highlight DSMRA activities and benefits; if done on a local level it would contain a list of near past and future club events.
  2. Run an "Adopt-a-bike-shop" program in your area: have individual members volunteer to look after a particular local bike shop. This can involve persuading the owner to display our brochures, posters and ride information, regular visits to ensure that the information is kept up-to-date, and recruiting the shop as a Corporate member. Cairns branch can give advice on the design of a display board they use in bike shops in their area to attract attention to DSMRA information.
  3. Place a generic article (with local flavour) in local paper.
  4. List DSMRA in those local papers that have a free bulletin board type page for community groups.
  5. Recycle old newsletters through monthly meetings for display and handout at bike shops or display days.
  6. Leaflet drop bikes in car parks (be aware of local laws governing such actions).
  7. Take any opportunity to stop riders on the trail and hand them a brochure.
  8. Organise a well-publicised local ride for new members.
  9. Approach bike shops (especially corporate members) and ask if they will hand out a DSMRA brochure with each dirt bike sale.
  10. Get involved in a community project to raise the profile of the DSMRA. Clean up Australia Day, Adopt-a-Road, land-care and various cooperative land management projects are already underway in several areas.
  11. Support corporate members. Give bike shops and other corporates more for their money.
    • Supply a good quality framed certificate of appreciation for display in business.
    • Arrange a sausage sizzle on a Saturday morning and try and coincide it with the release of a new model or a demo ride day. Don’t forget to spoil the staff with bacon and egg breakfast / morning tea etc.
    • When sourcing ride or raffle prize donations from shops don´t forget to give them a big plug when handing out prizes.
    • Consider giving naming rights of a particular ride (maybe annual) to a corporate member.