Riding With DSMRA

What DSMRA provides on a ride?

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We aim to provide you (the rider) a complete riding experience that you will enjoy including introducing you to a social network of like minded riders. We provide a group riding experience for all levels of skill and ages. Some of our members are well into their 70's and 80's and some others have just got their Learners Permits

DSMRA can take you to places you have never been to, or maybe wanted to but didn't know how to get there. We run lots of 1 day rides for the weekend warrior, these rides are generally held on Sundays. We also do 2 or 3 day rides which are generally suited to more experienced riders who want a whole weekend away. We organise our rides much like the motorcycle tour operators out there and provide support vehicles as required, its just that we do it for run and all our organisers are volunteers.

Each area has its own experienced riders who take lead and sweep roles when we run a ride. The lead rider conducts the ride, he or she knows where we are going and how to get back. The sweep rider stays at the back of the ride ensuring that people don't get lost and helps to fix problems.

We carry two way radio communications with us, our radios are used on rides to maintain communications in the case of problems or emergencies. The lead and sweep riders each carry a radio, and we encourage riders to bring their own if they have them, On longer and more remote rides we can also carry satellite phones thus Guaranteeing contact with civilisation as required.

For times of emergency we also carry EPIRB beacons that broadcast emergency signals. EPIRBS have been used to helicopter seriously injured rides out of remote bush situations where access by land based means were too difficult or take too long.

When things go pear shaped your much better with an organised group. Puncture, broken levers, even dead bikes can all be catered for. This means you can rest assured that if something does go wrong we will help and you won't be left to your own devices.

Of course there are camera opportunities and we'll be there at the right time and place to catch the action. Who knows you may even find yourself on the web so everyone can see what you did last weekend. Good for conversation points over coffee or drinks with friends.

We provide riding for people all over Australia, we're not just local and you attend any DSMRA ride in any state as a member. If you don't have a lot of friends that ride or just getting back into it after a few years and want to find the places to ride then just contact your nearest DSMRA area.