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The Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association (DSMRA) is a nationwide network of licensed riders who enjoy exploring the bush trails and desert tracks of the great Australian outdoors. As the name “Dual Sport” implies, the club caters for enduro and adventure  motorcycles on all terrains. From sealed roads to the toughest bush tracks, we ride responsibly, legally and respectfully.

The DSMRA was formed in 1995, in response to increasing restrictions on access for recreational vehicles to public land. Our purpose is twofold:

  • To maintain a cohesive national body of enduro and adventure riders, providing an effective voice in the debate over land access for our sport and recreation.
  • To increase opportunities for our members to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.


Trail bike riding is an increasingly popular recreational activity.  The DSMRA is focused on ensuring your experience on a motorcycle is a safe and enjoyable one. Riding with the DSMRA gives you an opportunity to ride with like-minded riders, develop your skills, increase your area knowledge and enjoy the best of what our great country has to offer.

Being aware of ever-increasing restrictions and conditions surrounding legal trail bike riding and doing the right thing can be difficult. The DSMRA is committed to keeping our members up to date with the regulations applicable in their area, as well as working with relevant authorities to keep our riding areas open.

DSMRA riders ride responsibly, legally and respectfully.

Why Join? - What DSMRA Does For You:

The DSMRA provides a social network of like minded riders who enjoy trail riding. All levels and abilities are catered for—from adventure riding on the road to open fire trails and technical terrain. We will take you to areas you may have never seen before.

DSMRA-organised rides include lead and sweep riders so no one gets lost or left behind. Organisers carry two-way radios, an emergency locator beacon and a first aid kit, and can often fix minor breakdowns in the bush. 

This website outlines where you can attend monthly meetings, and provides links on how to join us in our upcoming rides, training or social activities.

DSMRA Activities

  • Regular meetings provide the opportunity to meet other riders, discuss what’s on and share ride stories.
  • Hold well-organised rides for members across Australia, catering for all rider skill levels.
  • Arrange training opportunities for members including  rider skills, essential bike maintenance and first aid.
  • Maintain a network of riding contacts with local knowledge on ride trails, touring, navigation, restricted areas and environmental conditions.
  • Meet with national park, forestry and other land management authorities, to ensure that the interests of trail riders are taken into consideration in land management decisions.
  • Participate in consultations over land access for recreational users and cooperate with other recreational user groups to ensure continued access.
  • Prepare submissions in response to land management plans, ensuring our riders interests are heard and balanced with other stakeholders.
  • Support and participate in community events such as Clean Up Australia Day, or volunteer for activities such as searches for missing persons or marshalling for special events.

A note on ambulance cover..

You need it, ambulance trips are expensive, and if you have an accident and need to be transported by ambulance to hospital then it will be very costly.  Basic ambulance cover costs as little as $30/year and is often included in basic private health cover. It is well worth the investment, and one day could save your life.