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About the Adelaide / SA Branch:

In 2010 DSMRA SA had a year of new initiatives.

A number of members have bought big dirt tourers such as BMs and KTMs so unsupported rides have been tried. These have been ‘bring all you need’ trips with a lot of distance and variety of road types from formed roads to single track. For the second year, we have also run a motard ride at the end of the year for the more road orientated rides. Most rides in SA are weekend rides due to the distance members have to travel to get to rides. A number of members opt for a one day ride on these weekends and return home the next morning. This way they can have a good single day ride and still get into the bench racing at night before heading home. This year, we have found the number of riders on each rides varies greatly, due to the venue and family calendar.

The ‘corner man system’ still reigns supreme on all rides. On several, we have used two sweeps. This allows for one sweep to catch up with the main pack and let them know what is happening at the back of the field. It also provides an additional ‘thinker’ when things get tricky.

With the on-going issue of the closure of side-tracks in SA, we continue to search for other options. There are a small number of National Parks in SA that allow bike access such as the Ngarkat and Robe. We have linked the access to these parks with either local caravan parks or private property to give riders a good weekend ride. We have also been able to use a number of member’s properties as a base for the rides which saves accommodation costs. We are also investigating the use of local buggy tracks. There are a number in the Riverland area that one of our members provides catering for. We are seeking clarification on our insurance to ensure we have coverage to use these tracks. Examples of places ridden to were Wentworth, Ararat, Sedan and The Big Desert.

The challenges for 2011 are to keep attracting new members while retaining our current membership. We still find that when approaching registered riders and explaining how DSMRA works they seem interested but don’t join the organisation. We also have to keep searching for new places to ride not too far from Adelaide.

Monthly Meetings held:

We don’t have monthly meetings due to members living too far apart, however we do have a schedule planned for the year (see link under photo).

Main Contacts:

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