Terms & Conditions of the DSMRA

RECOGNITION OF RISKS FORM (All states except Victoria) (For Participants Over 18yrs)

To: Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Association

I agree to the following, upon submitting my detail to an event organised by the DSMRA.

I will be participating in an outdoor recreational activity program operated by DSMRA. I understand that some of the activities in which I may participate:

· will be physically and emotionally demanding;
· may involve a significant risk of physical harm.

My participation in any activity organised by the DSMRA is voluntary and not compulsory.
I understand certain inherent risks exist in the activities in which I will be participating. Although the organisation and its instructors will provide me with appropriate directions and will endeavour to minimise my exposure to the risk of harm.
These inherent risks are beyond the control of the Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Association (DSMRA), its volunteers and staff, and cannot be avoided by the exercise of reasonable care and skill.
Inherent risks include changes in weather conditions and difficulties in obtaining emergency medical assistance. For example, some activities will take place in remote settings, hours from the nearest medical services.

I am aware that there are some risks that are common to many or all of the activities in which I may participate, such as the risk of harm caused by varying weather conditions, by uneven or changing terrain and by native flora and fauna. However, some activities in which I may participate carry with them risks of harm that are particular to that activity, such as but not limited to the following risks:

Motor Cycling

  • losing control of bike and colliding with obstacles such as trees, rocks or other cyclists;
  • failing to negotiate obstacles including difficult terrain;
  • being required to carry bike due to nature or condition of terrain;
  • falling from bike, possibly at speed;
  • becoming lost;
  • being exposed to the elements for long periods of time;
  • being injured in an area not readily accessible for emergency services;
  • death;
  • strained muscle ligaments and cartilages;
  • broken or dislocated bones or joints;
  • insect bites and/or animal / reptile bites;
  • unburn and/or ultraviolet radiation damage to skin and/or eyes;
  • dirt, sand, dust or other foreign material entering eyes or skin irritations; and
  • injury caused by burns, cuts and/or abrasions.

I authorise the Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Association to arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation services on my behalf and at my cost, in the event of my injury or illness, as it deems necessary.

I understand that the Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Association, its volunteers and staff will endeavour to keep personal items safe but that they accept no responsibility for the safekeeping of those items.

I will make it known to the organiser of any DSMRA event, any medical issues or diatery requirements I may have and will also take any precaution to prevent any injoury or illness to myself.