Local DSMRA Meetings In Your State

How to Organise Local Meetings

  • Choose a date that is approximately one month away so as to give plenty of warning time.
  • Monday or Tuesday nights are usually the least busy evenings around 7:00pm to 7:30pm.
  • The best venues are RSL clubs as they usually offer free function rooms to sporting groups and are easy to locate. RSL clubs have Bistros and drinks so you can meet for a cheap meal prior to the meeting.
  • Once you have established the first meeting the group can agree on a regular meeting schedule.
  • Provide the club with proposed dates for the upcoming six to twelve months and contact name and phone number.
  • Contact all the members in your area and advise them of the upcoming meeting.
  • Ask members to bring along non-members.
  • Place an advertisement in your local paper two weeks prior to your first meeting in the "motorcycles for sale" column with a brief outline of the DSMRA. Include time and place of the meeting and make it an "everyone welcome" ad. Also include contact name and phone number.
  • Invite local industry owners, management and staff.
  • Send details to the DSMRA newsletter inviting all members.
  • Have the relevant information to hand out at the meeting and give an outline and history of the DSMRA.
  • Record the names and phone numbers of all who attend for future reference.