Tony Kirby

Tony Kirby, or 'TK' as he was known, was the definitive adventure rider before the term became popular. With a career in publishing and motorcycle journalism, he had the ability to entertain, inform, and above all inspire us to go riding and explore. He did this by riding across and around Australia every which way himself and then reporting on his adventures.

Among his achievements he created the great SideTrack Magazine in 1995, and during that period of his life, was instrumental in the establishment of the DSMRA, or the Dual Sport Motorcycle Association. Tony Kirby passed away too soon. The debilitating motor neurone disease brought about his death on 17 December 2010.

In 2011 a few of his friends and followers celebrated his life with a ride to one of his favourite places, South Australia’s Flinders Ranges, where a rock cairn was constructed and his ashes spread. This became the inaugural TK Memorial Ride.