Running Introductory Rides

How To: Organise an introductory ride:

intro ride

  • You will need a working group of at least three people.
  • Contact all members to advise them of the ride.
  • Send details to the DSMRA newsletter inviting all members.
  • Place an advertisement in your local newspaper in the "Motorcycles for Sale" column one month and two weeks prior to the ride inviting all to attend. Use the words "Free ride and sausage sizzle". Put start time and place in the ad.
  • Example advertisement :
    • FREE introductory trail ride to the DSMRA, sausage sizzle provided, BYO drinks, license and rego req´d. Start time.. And place.. Contact .. on.. for more details. All welcome.
  • Decide on the ride route and how it will run (cornerman, route sheet, arrows)
  • Try to include hard and easy sections to cater for all skill levels.
  • Ideal setup for a first ride is :
    • 50km to 80km in total,
    • Check license and rego prior to start,
    • Allocate numbers to each rider and display on bike,
    • 10:00am start, 3:00pm finish,
    • Checkpoint half way and finish,
    • At least one sweep rider,
    • Sausage sizzle finish.
  • Always advertise the start time as half an hour prior to the actual time because you will get late starters.
  • Give a brief talk at the start welcoming everyone and laying down the rules, emphasising FUN ride, not a race.
  • Give a talk at the finish about the DSMRA and have membership forms and brochures to hand out.
  • Pre ride the course one week prior to the actual date.
  • Pre ride the course on the morning of the ride to make sure all is well.
  • Be helpful not arrogant (the ride is for the members, not you).
  • Pre ride the course one week prior to the actual date.

NOTE : The above information is to promote general awareness of the DSMRA to all so rides of this type should only be run annually as a membership drive. Normal DSMRA rides don’t require this much organisation.