Welcome To DSMRA Sydney Branch

About the SydneyBranch:

Brett Kingham is the head of the Sydney Branch, we have a meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from February to November at Dooleys Silverwater starting at 7.30pm. We regularly have 12+ members attend the meetings.

Sydney branch is the main branch for the greater Sydney basin and we work in with Hawkesbury, Sydney South, Illawarra & Bathurst branches.

Working with the other areas so we don't trip over each other, we try to run a harder ride (grade 3-4) in the middle of the month and an easier ride (grade 2-3) towards the end of the month.

We encourage riders to come on an introductory ride or a lower grade ride first, before joining, & please wear all the appropriate safety gear, be licensed & ride a registered bike.

Rides are listed on the web site at least a month before or you can contact Brett for a ride calendar. Please Contacts page and lookup the contacts Sydney NSW

Monthly Meetings held:

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Main Contacts:

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