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About the Cairns Branch:

The Cairns branch of the DSMRA celebrates its 12 year in 2012. In this time the club has been hosting rides around the North Queensland area from Cairns to the Tip.

North Queensland has a rich history in mining and many of the areas that were once mined are now very remote and off the beaten track. DSMRA Cairns rides visit areas such as Maytown, Stannary Hills, Herberton, Irvinebank and Chillagoe and our people are therefore educated in a subtle way about the history of their region. Many of the historic mining areas in North Queensland are only accessible by off-road motorcycle or 4WD.Our current calendar consists of up to ten rides per year. These are generally one, two and three day point to point rides, also incorporating one to two one day closed course rides. The DSMRA Cairns branch offers a riding experience to all members of the community. Our point to point rides are graded according to difficulty and offer challenges for all riders from beginners right through to veteran ex-racers. Our closed-course rides offer a rare opportunity for juniors and unregistered / unlicensed riders to legally and safely experience off-road motorcycling.

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