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About the Townsville Branch:

The Townsville DSMRA branch has been in operation since 2000 - thus entering it’s 12th year of operation.. Riding environments vary from local pine forestry’s, sugar cane & pineapple paddocks, the beach and lush rainforest trails, through to western outback cattle country.

Riding in our region is limited because of the tropical monsoonal (wet) season. Large group rides generally wind up by early October as the heat in our region is rather oppressive and offers risks of heat stroke for riders if under duress. In respect of our riding environments we also attempt not to ride the same route more than once or twice a year to allow for regeneration and we will not rip-up trails that have been soaked by rain.

Of late, the Townsville branch operates approx 8 organised rides between April to October with flexibility for more, dependent of weather… The last few years our multiple day adventure rides in particular, has been reduced due to excessive rain periods. Main access routes which would have been normally passable by mid year had been unpassable because of flooded rivers and creeks etc.
On average our day rides have approx 45 riders attend, however on intro days and sometimes first rides of the year numbers can average between 60 to 80 riders.
Adventure rides are smaller due to fuel limitations…the average adventure ride consists of 10 bikes..

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