Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes

Its a safe bet that somewhere along the way you will get a puncture. But you can reduce that possibility by using Ultra Heavy Duty Tubes, they feel about 4 times as thick as a standard tube, have extra rigidity and allow you to run a lower tyre pressure (15lbs or less) which is great for traction.

They are a pain to put in which is why its a good idea to let the bike shop install them and because they are much bigger you should carry along a normal tube as your spare. The bridgestone UHD tube is an excellent non synthetic rubber with a long life.

They will last up to 3 or more tyre changes before they need changing.

Like any tube, you will get punctures but the frequency of it happening will be much less.

On the occasion that you do get a flat and no-one has a replacement you can run with them flat due to their extra thickness. Of course its not recommended but if there is no real choice what have you got. I had a pucture in a front one once and had to ride the bike out, it was possible to run at speeds of 60km/hr and it took about an hour to do 30km back to the car.

If you really get stuck you can always stuff your tyre with small twigs and tree debris, no joke, it does work.