General Tips


A Brush Guard : An old throttle cable, an electrical connector, a bit of nylon tube and you reduce the chance of scrub jamming between your gear lever, or brake pedal, and the cases. You can also get a brake snake very similar which would have saved 2 VOR gear levers that I am aware of.


Fork Air Bleeders : A pair of Ballard's air bleeders mean I can let off excess pressure any time, just press the top of the bleed valve when the fork is extended, to keep the ride smooth.Note also the 20mm bar risers. Generally a Euro feature.


Axel Puller : I cut up an old lever and mounted it with an old barkbuster mount to my front axle, cost $0


Folding Mirrors : For those who need to be a bit more legal.



Removable Blinkers : Rear blinkers that use a bayonet mounting, a bit light bulb, mean its easy to be legal. Mail order from Broadford Motorcycles.



Rear Guard Extender : Like many Euros, the Husaberg's rear guard extender is a bit of an afterthought. A little bit of aluminium sheet stiffens up the whole arrangement and also protects the wiring and blinker mounts from roost.