Rim Locks

RIMLOCKS Always use good quality ones.

For some reason a lot of motorcycle manufacturers use cheap quality rim locks which can (over a short period of time) lose their rubberised coating and cause punctures. One of the main purpose of rim lock is to ensure that the tyre does not slip on the rim, ie it locks the tyre to the rim. Rim Locks usually have a metal inner and a rubber coated outside.

One some of the cheaper ones the rubber gets peeled off leaving the metal inner which can have some sharp edges and cause punctures. (its happened to me at least twice. This happens because the tyre sometimes moves about due to acceleration and braking and slowly rotates arounf the rim, this motion can also turn the tube eventually rip off the valve stem from the inner tube.

So when you get your new bike check you rim locks, if need be replace them and ensure that the are securely set up and lock the rear tyre into place as they are designed to.